The Best Fat Loss Protein Sources

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We all know the benefits of weight-loss and, at one point or another; every obese person tries to shed some fat and regain their fabulous body. Unfortunately, many people become disappointed and revert back to their sedentary lifestyle when their fitness programs don’t deliver expected results. When you want to burn excess fat, regular intake of sufficient amounts of protein becomes very crucial for getting optimal success in your fat-loss regime.

Sufficient amount of protein is very essential for not only protecting lean muscle tissues, but also for stabilizing blood sugar levels, boosting metabolic rate and keeping you full for longer durations. In fact, proteins are essential for optimal functioning of your various body parameters. And this is the reason why nutritionists consider it as the most important macro-nutrient in a balanced diet plan. If you are not taking sufficient amounts of protein, you may suffer from several health implications caused by protein deficiency.

However, the different sources of protein differ in terms of their nutritional quality. Some fat sources are more effective in fat-loss and provide better amino acids than others. A good understanding of weight-friendly protein sources can significantly improve the chances of your success in regaining a fabulous body or improving your health. Let’s have a look at some of the best sources of fat-loss proteins.

The Best Weight-Friendly Protein Sources:

  • Chicken breast: lots of minerals and vitamins without unhealthy saturated fats make it one of the most versatile sources of protein.
  • Lean steak: generally, people avoid steaks during their fitness regime, but proper cuts of lean meat like sirloin can serve as a very good source of protein because they are also very rich in iron.
  • Salmon: this fish is not only a good source of protein, but also provides omega-3 fatty acids, acids, which is proven to be very crucial nutrient for optimal health and fabulous body.
  • Greek yogurt: in comparison to other variants, Greek Yogurt is a very good source of calcium and proteins without adding too much sugar. If you want a calcium-rich  diet, it is one of the best protein sources.
  • Shrimp: besides protein, shrimp is a very good source of iron. Shrimps are perfect for a very strict diet regime because they contain a very low amount of calories.
  • Venison: it may be hard to find the proper cuts of a game animal, but venison may contain the highest quality protein with equally rich amounts of iron. In fact, venison is better than lean steak, and when properly served, can fully compensate your money and efforts on it.
  • Cottage cheese: the slow digesting nature of cottage cheese makes it the ideal protein source to fuel your metabolism for several hours. Low-fat cottage cheese is an ideal protein source for getting a constant supply of amino acids for several hours after eating.
  • Whey protein powder: this protein supplement is ideal for supporting your workout regime. Whether taken before or after the sessions, it can quickly support your metabolism.
  • Turkey: this protein source can be seasoned or prepared using several recipes. Just like chicken, turkeys are good in taste and considered as one of the leanest sources of protein. Turkeys are bigger than chicken, so you can freeze the meals in your refrigerator for later use.
  • Tilapia: unlike other sea foods, Tilapia is a very rich source of fat-free  protein without containing excessive amounts of mercury.
  • Canned tuna: if fresh tuna is not available or feasible, you can use canned tuna. Canned tuna is a very good source of protein that you can eat on the go.

The Bottom Line:

Regardless of your fitness program, it is very critical to ensure that you are getting enough proteins from your diet regime. If your diet is not supporting your metabolism, you are not likely to get optimal results from your fitness programs or workout schedules, and you may revert back to your previous lifestyle out of dejection or frustration.

Some people argue that it hardly matters what you are eating as long as you get sufficient amounts of protein from your diet. However, you should understand that incorrect protein source may contain excessive amounts of saturated fat, nitrates, additives and toxins that are not good for optimal health and quick weight-loss. You should prefer these weight-friendly protein sources to support your boosted metabolism during a fitness regime.