Тhе Best Exercises Fоr Fat Loss Аnd Lean Muscle

The Best Exercises For Fat Loss and Lean Muscle

As a personal trainer know a thing or two about getting fit. Here are some great exercises you can begin incorporating right into your very own routine; these are the secrets which can help you get that training plateau. And to keep things simple, these exercises are several of the exact same ones which are ideal for building muscle as well.

There is a common element to these exercises. They are challenging exercise which work several muscle masses groups at the same time. Scientific studies and my own professional experience show that these kinds of whole-body workouts are by far one of the most efficient method to go when attempting to shed fat or gain muscular tissue. However, I prefer to take it even further and get even better results with whole body workouts within whole body exercises! As an example, take squats – this is an excellent workout for burning fat while building lean muscular tissue mass at the same time.

Now, let us combine this exercise with one which works the upper body as well. How about a shoulder press? Νow we have an exceptionally beneficial workout which gets you the results you want in record time! When you work your whole body at once, the benefits of your workout are greatly increased.

Here is my formula for physical fitness success:

When you fill every full body workout with full body exercises, you will:

Work more muscles = burn more calories + build more lean muscle mass = more fat loss + more muscle.

Now, this net workout is an extremely tough one, but it does work wonders.

They burn off more fat than just about any other exercise you could name while being excellent for building lean muscle.

However, these exercises leave even me feeling absolutely exhausted. These exercise are not for anybody who is afraid of a tough workout.

5 Best Exercises to Burn Fat and Build Lean Muscle

So without any further delay, here are my 5 favorite exercises for shedding fat and building lean muscle.

1. Olympic Lifts:
Dumbbells or Kettlebell Cleans, Snatches, High Pulls, or a combination of all.

2. Wood Chopping exercises:
Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Med Balls, Bands, or Sandbags

3. Press Up Combination Exercises:
Press ups with knee raise, Push with Row, Push with burpee etc.

4. Med Ball Snatch with Slam Combination

5. Squat combination exercises:
Squat and press, Squat and row, Squat and curl etc…

By making these exercises a regular part of your workout routine, I promise you will see results; better results than before at a faster pace..

Train Hard!